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Agaric wants to disable comments for nodes, en masse, retroactively

disable comments for all nodes of a content type (meaning existing nodes)

This guy wanted it for Drupal 4.6...

These folks only wanted it for specific nodes, which of course is built in:

Long story short, there does not seem to be much demand for the ability to retroactively disable comments for a large number of nodes.

I'm sure there's some people who wanted and probably created the ability to turn off comments automatically after a certain time? That's a common feature on forum software and a common feature request, that I tend to disagree with -- just use good captcha, and a way to direct people to related content that is newer, instead of taking away the ability to revive a year-old conversation if that's the bes thing to do -- so maybe I have to do some searching.

It should be easy enough to implement in Drupal 5, if anyone has any interest in funding it...

Slightly related:


Searched words: 
disable comments on multiple nodes bulk disable comments drupal retroactively disable comments drupal


Came up for Agaric again

Disable - drupal disable comments for a bunch of nodes at once

It should be done through the admin node listing functionality.

enable comment on all nodes for which comments are disabled ?


do you know what would be the MySQL query to enable comment on all nodes for which comments are disabled or set to read only ?

I know that I could do

UPDATE node SET comment = 2

but I fear to do that as my websites as 100000 nodes and most of them already have comments enabled, only few hundreds being disabled and need to be enabled.

Thanks for help.

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