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Best practice for an upgraded site to define RDF mappings for RDFa output?

A site that has been upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has not even had this code from standard.install in the Standard profile run yet. Can generic mappings like this be easily taken care of in other custom configuration of RDF or should this (plus more?) go in an update hook?

Suppressing RDF mapping

(Questions from me, answers from Stéphane.)

Apologies if this is covered in the chapter or well-documented elsewhere,
but i have what i think should be a pretty common case.

haven't seen it anywhere, but it's the kind of question that should be
in a FAQ somewhere...

I'm printing a node, say a page node, and don't want it to name its creator
in RDFa (or any other potential RDF output) any more than i want to display
the 'submitted by' in HTML.

Sharing data between sites with RDF

Sharing data between sites in RDF (in theory).

The core RDF module provides an API for mapping RDF data.

Use the contrib RDF package to provide the rdfui and rdfx modules. As of right now, before the release of Drupal 7, the most up-to-date, 7.x version of these modules can be found at

For more advanced querying, the SPARQL module can be used.

Update: New modules for Sharing Data Semantically

Use array_map() to apply a function to every element of an array

Say you have an array that's just a little messy and you need to apply a function to every value in that array... you probably want and not

To do this:

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