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Best practice for an upgraded site to define RDF mappings for RDFa output?

A site that has been upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has not even had this code from standard.install in the Standard profile run yet. Can generic mappings like this be easily taken care of in other custom configuration of RDF or should this (plus more?) go in an update hook?

Suppressing RDF mapping

(Questions from me, answers from Stéphane.)

Apologies if this is covered in the chapter or well-documented elsewhere,
but i have what i think should be a pretty common case.

haven't seen it anywhere, but it's the kind of question that should be
in a FAQ somewhere...

I'm printing a node, say a page node, and don't want it to name its creator
in RDFa (or any other potential RDF output) any more than i want to display
the 'submitted by' in HTML.

RDFa for telephone, IRC links that open, and other spiffiness for Agaric's client support page

RDFa-ing up our support page.

recommends FOAF for most contact stuff, and there is a FOAF:Organization for companies and weird hybrid collective

The tel URI for Telephone Numbers

Conference on Semantics in Health and Life Sciences report-back at Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup

Presented to us by Eric Neumann, Clinical Semantics Group

C-SHALS, this smaller conference, pre-competitive, more interesting public discussion than some other major industry events. Two day event.

Sponsored by pharmaceutical industry.

Gets very exciting, a lot of energy, semantic web but different emphasis.
FriendFeed microblogging. Only downside is understanding it manually, if someone would write a converter to triples...

Allowed vendors to do lightning talks, but not a full 20 minutes.

Drupal Semantics presentation in NYC

Scor's presentation:

Just installing RDF CCK, you get all this for free.

It prefaces every field with site:

It's your own local vocabulary.

you can see the entire site schema vocabulary at /ns#

The source

RDF and RDF/XML are two different things.

On the abstract level, you have RDF, a graph representation of the knowledge.

For machines to


turtle is currently the one

RDFa was just standardized, it's a serialization built into the HTML.

It's all the same thing on the RDF level.

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