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Telephone and SMS content and services powered by VOIP Drupal: Factsheet

VOIP Drupal in the Wild

Project for global institution where people can call or SMS with feedback on projects.

Essential Smart Phone Features

GPS and Directions

  • Read-aloud turn-by-turn directions

MiFi or Tethering

  • Must be easy to get internet access for laptop through cell networks
  • Must be able to provide full Internet, including e-mail, IRC, SSH.


  • Automatic voice to text (with correction so it learns), or possibly a paid service

Data sharing with personal computer

  • Contacts, text messages, notes must be easily shared with a computer in basic text format

RDFa for telephone, IRC links that open, and other spiffiness for Agaric's client support page

RDFa-ing up our support page.

recommends FOAF for most contact stuff, and there is a FOAF:Organization for companies and weird hybrid collective

The tel URI for Telephone Numbers

Voice over IP without the untrustworthy Skype

Stefan Freudenberg:
Hi. I have setup an Ekiga account. Do you have something like that, too?

Benjamin Melançon:
Stefan Freudenberg

It's a voip service.

Benjamin Melançon
looks like one of my better bets on Mac
and given proof of Skype's evilness, I'm all for it

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