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An interesting RFP for a Network of Networks:

The primary goal for the new is to be simple and flexible. We are an organization that is always changing, and we expect our web site to be able to evolve along with us as we expand, experiment, and learn together. In our request for proposals we outline a number of specific approaches that we think will help us accomplish our mission effectively, but no single feature is as important as the need to keep the site easy to manage and simple to change in the future.

Everyone's Voices, Nobody's Noise post-submission strategy session with Nathaniel Catchpole

<ben-agaric> All right.  My brain's utterly fried.  Do you see a starting point with this stuff?  For a while I felt that a modular messaging framework, a whole replacement for Sympa / Mailman / that stuff was necessary, and while I think ultimately it is (and was going to be a second application to Knight, and if I can get a grasp on the field and put a proposal together will shop around anyway)  -- I do think with mailhandler and notifications and suc
<catch> mailhandler's very cool.

Greatest copy shot ever written, coming soon to Agaric

All great copy shots should:

Be five words in length.
Not mention the brand name.
Be declarative.
Be grammatically complete.
Be otherwise standard.
Contain alliteration, metaphor, or rhyme.

Promoting Ubuntu without subsidizing bad media: some proposals

[A post to a lengthening thread on the Massachusetts Ubuntu e-mail list about raising $250,000 to put an Ubuntu ad in the New York Times.]

It's a lot (probably too much) to ask any group or organization to be the first, but we the people who give a damn about our human condition have to break a dependence on media that help the unconscionable become accepted.

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