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Everyone's Voices, Nobody's Noise post-submission strategy session with Nathaniel Catchpole

<ben-agaric> All right.  My brain's utterly fried.  Do you see a starting point with this stuff?  For a while I felt that a modular messaging framework, a whole replacement for Sympa / Mailman / that stuff was necessary, and while I think ultimately it is (and was going to be a second application to Knight, and if I can get a grasp on the field and put a proposal together will shop around anyway)  -- I do think with mailhandler and notifications and suc
<catch> mailhandler's very cool.

Agaric and lots of others need: an open source, modular messaging framework

In the context of an e-mail / mailing list manager:

Every news organization, every nonprofit, every community-oriented business or organization needs e-mail that allows personalization and tracking of recipient actions in response. Another common need is for mailing lists, which allow group participation in e-mail conversation, and for forums, which allow group conversations online.

Neither need is met well currently, particularly when it comes to integration with web sites, custom processing, and (for multiple mailing lists) prevention of duplicate messages.

Legal liability for other people's contributed content on your web site

David Ardia on Immunity and Liability for User Content Under the Communications Decency Act:

1. If you passively host third-party content, you will be fully protected against defamation and defamation-like claims under CDA 230.

2. If you exercise traditional editorial functions over user submitted content, such as deciding whether to publish, remove, or edit material, you will not lose your immunity unless your edits materially alter the meaning of the content.

Making a random number

PWGD will need solid and fast randomization to make the jury pools. (With those who have already served pulled out, but that's another detail.)

It's well known that computers aren't good at random.

Does combined random make something more random? Use the number of milliseconds into the current second as the seed to generate a random number and the decimal part of the CPUs exact temperature to act as the seed for generating another random number and the two are used to pick a page from the virtual big book of random numbers and pick a line on that page.

A, B, C, D... Ordered Lists in HTML with CSS

list-style-type: upper-alpha

See roottruth stylesheet for implementation.


Getting Started with Getting Things Done

Obtain People Who Give a Damn 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

* Revise application.

* Print application.

* Find/look up application form and address.

* Mail to lawyer.

[This is a very old note, but it's proof that GTD works.  I never completed the beginning of the system (deal with all your present junk) and certainly never looked at this note again-- but it worked, PWGD has 501c3!]

Promoting Ubuntu without subsidizing bad media: some proposals

[A post to a lengthening thread on the Massachusetts Ubuntu e-mail list about raising $250,000 to put an Ubuntu ad in the New York Times.]

It's a lot (probably too much) to ask any group or organization to be the first, but we the people who give a damn about our human condition have to break a dependence on media that help the unconscionable become accepted.

E-mail mailing list managers brief discussion in IRC

---: killes: so, my plan is to get the shiny new subscriptions module (beta expected on Sunday) on , removing the subscriptions code from project module. While there, it could replace simplenews.
[07:09am] killes: hmm
[07:09am] killes: the problem with both of them is that they use php's mail()
[07:09am] ---: Be my guest
[07:09am] killes: OSUOSL would like to have soem boucne processing.
[07:09am] ---: I have blasted the module into small submodules
[07:09am] ---: the sender is in a separate module

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