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Capture all sent mail locally with Postfix

For development, you don't want any e-mail sent to the outside world, but you do want to be able to see all mail your sites or application try to send. Here is a configuration of Postfix to do that.

The trick is to BCC everything to a local user, and discard without error any other sending.

This is based on several guides and Q&As online but well, none of them worked for me, so here's exactly what i did (minus all the missteps).

Get Thunderbird: Reclaim Your Inbox

(In honor of Spread Thunderbird launching in Drupal, the non-web-based-email using part of Agaric Design Collective wishes to invite you to get Thunderbird:

Agaric and lots of others need: an open source, modular messaging framework

In the context of an e-mail / mailing list manager:

Every news organization, every nonprofit, every community-oriented business or organization needs e-mail that allows personalization and tracking of recipient actions in response. Another common need is for mailing lists, which allow group participation in e-mail conversation, and for forums, which allow group conversations online.

Neither need is met well currently, particularly when it comes to integration with web sites, custom processing, and (for multiple mailing lists) prevention of duplicate messages.

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