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What to do with the changes in Mandrill service

MailChimp is suggesting people use Amazon SES, and i'm sure you can buy fine coal from the Devil, but i don't want to give money for the financing of Hell on Earth. So, options?

Editing a subscriber's information in Mailchimp

First, note that people can edit their own information in Mailchimp, and of course add it, so be sure you know it is incorrect before you change it.

Setting up Mailchimp module version 7.x-2.0

To do anything with the module, you need to connect it to your Mailchimp account. The settings page admin/config/services/mailchimp is where you put your Mailchimp's list API in.

To get this API go to /account/api when logged in to and say add a key. I know this feels weird, as you don't have a key to add, but in fact it will create an API key for you.

Signup to newsletter via an e-mail address

MailChimp had no answers online

If people send e-mail to a designated e-mail address (such as the lists from address), they should be able to be automatically invited to join the list.

My interpretation of their response: I should make a Drupal module to do that.

Actual response:

Hello Ben!

It's nice to virtually meet you! That's a great question and we’re happy to get it answered for you!

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