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Setting up Mailchimp module version 7.x-2.0

To do anything with the module, you need to connect it to your Mailchimp account. The settings page admin/config/services/mailchimp is where you put your Mailchimp's list API in.

To get this API go to /account/api when logged in to and say add a key. I know this feels weird, as you don't have a key to add, but in fact it will create an API key for you.

Signup to newsletter via an e-mail address

MailChimp had no answers online

If people send e-mail to a designated e-mail address (such as the lists from address), they should be able to be automatically invited to join the list.

My interpretation of their response: I should make a Drupal module to do that.

Actual response:

Hello Ben!

It's nice to virtually meet you! That's a great question and we’re happy to get it answered for you!

Where does Simplenews hide not-yet-confirmed subscribers?

Any e-mail address that signs up is immediately added to the simplenews_subscribers table as an activated user. Users are only deactivated if they do so (or are made so by an admin) specifically; this is what prevents people from being reactivated.

The simplenews_snid_tid table keeps track of what newsletters people are signed up to, where snid is the Simplenews subscriber ID and tid is the newsletter taxonomy ID.

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