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Nothing happens when saving webform e-mail settings

Trying to change the e-mails that are sent out when a web form is submitted, the form submits, a message is given saying that everything saved or updated fine... and not a single change is saved.

Had to look at Watchdog to see what was happening.

Problems upgrading a Drupal site with Webform from 6.x to 7.x (Webform in 7 does not upgrade to 3.x from 2.x)

Short version: Upgrade webform to 3.x first, while still on your Drupal 6 site.

Went back to the database that i swear i dumped right after upgrading. And the system table has version 7.0 core modules in it, so it's not like i accidentally

Send a confirmation e-mail when a webform is submitted (Drupal 6)

Here's another Benjamin Melançon classic data dump, but the code at the bottom (based directly, as noted, on other's documentation and blog posts) is useful, at least to us.

First answer found, naturally, is the comment "A hacked working copy" in the forum post "How do I create confirmation emails for webforms"

Webform 3.x, Webform Block, Mollom, and Salesforce Integration

(in progress)

As of April 15, reports are that the latest dev of of Webform Block works with the latest dev of Webform 3.x, and based on dates, Beta5 should also work.

Webform Block is reported to work with 3.x with a patch and some workarounds.

Salesforce Webform integration may be the sticking point for 3.x.

Converting Webforms to Display Checkboxes and Radios in Multiple Columns

 * Implement hook_form_alter().
 * Integrates Multi-column checkboxes radios module with Webform module. Code
 * taken from module by haplo326 posted to this
 * thread:
function agaricgenarts_form_alter(&$form) {

Spam blocking options for Drupal Webforms

Explaining to a friend what I do.

(most of my work is doing things like googling "drupal stop webform spam" but unfortunately in some cases like this it doesn't bring anything up)
(*anything useful)
Shreya: AntiSpam Protect Web Form Captcha Plug-in for Drupal |

ben: you found the weirdest module i've ever seen


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