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Converting Webforms to Display Checkboxes and Radios in Multiple Columns

 * Implement hook_form_alter().
 * Integrates Multi-column checkboxes radios module with Webform module. Code
 * taken from module by haplo326 posted to this
 * thread:
function agaricgenarts_form_alter(&$form) {
  // @TODO:  See if checking for submitted is what we want to do...
  if ($form['submitted']) {

 * Called "search_fields()" by the original author.
function mccrw_fields(&$element) {
  $width = 6;
  $rowmajor = TRUE;
  $minheight = 1;
  foreach ($element as $field => $value) {
    if ($element[$field]['#type'] == "radios") {
      $element[$field]['#multicolumn'] = array('width' => $width, 'row-major' => $rowmajor, 'minimum height' => $minheight);
    } else if ($element[$field]['#type'] == "checkboxes") {
      $element[$field]['#multicolumn'] = array('width' => $width, 'row-major' => $rowmajor, 'minimum height' => $minheight);
     // $element[$field]['#process'][0] = 'webform_expand_checkboxes';
      $element[$field]['#process'][] = 'multicolumncheckboxesradios_element_process';  
    } else if ($element[$field]['#type'] == "fieldset") {


Where would this go...?

Where would this go...? Create a module?

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