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Ubuntu 13.10 includes an upgrade to Apache 2.4 that has major gotchas

That is, this update will break your sites.

The main breaking changes:

Drush site-upgrade and re-running upgrades over existing code

Drush's site-upgrade command asks whether to replace or re-use an existing target site.

Drupal site already exists at /home/ben/code/anjali7/web. Would you like to:
[0] : Cancel
[1] : Delete the existing site and start over.
[2] : Re-use the existing code, re-import the database from the source site
and run updatedb again.

This can be avoided by running the command with the --reuse flag.

Problems upgrading a Drupal site with Webform from 6.x to 7.x (Webform in 7 does not upgrade to 3.x from 2.x)

Short version: Upgrade webform to 3.x first, while still on your Drupal 6 site.

Went back to the database that i swear i dumped right after upgrading. And the system table has version 7.0 core modules in it, so it's not like i accidentally

Upgrading Drush from 2 to 3 with lenny

As root:
Find drush under PHP.

At the bottom of the information about the drush package, there's an i that means installed next to 2.0 and a p that means no packages or config files or anything are present next to drush 3.3.

Type + when the drush 3.3 line is highlighted.

Then type g to upgrade (twice, first it takes us to a confirmation page).

Note: On Agaric's servers the package list is updated daily by a cron job, but updating the package list can be invoked by hitting u if necessary.

Upgrading a Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7

These are notes for what will be an Appendix in the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.

Before we do anything to try to upgrade a site, we back it up. We also never upgrade the live, production instance of a site, but a copy. (At least the first time.

[gotcha] If copying over the entire code of a site, make absolutely certain that we have changed the database connection settings in settings.php. Especially if we are (and we shouldn't be, but if we are) on the same server as our live site. [/gotcha]

Upgrading from Drupal 7 alpha to Drupal 7 alpha

Alpha to alpha upgrades are officially unsupported and the HEAD2HEAD module focuses on precisely that, continuous changes in CVS HEAD not upgrades between the alphas.

UPDATE: Head2Head does have an alpha2alpha module, use that. Consider the below a learning exercise... in examining existing modules that may solve your problems carefully!

Newer update! See Upgrading from Drupal 7 alpha 6 to Drupal 7 beta 2.

Upgrade between Drupal versions using a diff shell script

[This should be on its way to being obsoleted by drush, but i'm using it for Drupal 7 alpha so thought i'd finally make sure it was shared.]

Download this and other useful scripts from their public repository on gitorious.

(Please use the code from the repository, the below may be out of date.)

Dell Mini 9: An Upgrade Odyssey

An unknown tidbit that may interest you if you're a Dell Mini 9 owner is that the max ram that a mini 9 can hold is 2GB, yes I said 2GB. Why does Dell not offer that much when you try to order them you ask? That's because of good old closed source software, in order to ship the Mini with Windows XP instead of Windows Vista (because XP licenses are cheaper), there are some hardware specs that the Mini needs to be below, one of which is a maximum installed memory of 1GB.

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