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Ubuntu 13.10 includes an upgrade to Apache 2.4 that has major gotchas

That is, this update will break your sites.

The main breaking changes:

Exporting Redirects to Webserver Rules the Awesome way

[Note: For non-automatic export of Redirects to Apache rules, see Redirect Export module.]

courtesy Stefan, of course


Infinite redirect loop trying to go to anything but the front page

Help. I've spent the last several - five - hours just trying to get my dev environment working. In Drupal 6 (which i have to do something on to bail Dan out, who is incapacitated with pain) it always goes to the front page. Which makes working on a site difficult. Drupal 7 works. Any thoughts?

oh goddamn bloody hell shoot me in the face

it was using the .htaccess from agaric rather than a clean d6

not that just committing a .htaccess would seem to be an out of the question for this project, which would have saved me all that pain

Redirect URLs in in Apache server .htaccess file

Within the mod_rewrite directive....

# Various rewrite rules.
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  RewriteEngine on

...right below where Drupal's default .htaccess has the rewrite base option, we can add this:

  # Redirects from old site
  RewriteRule ^leadership.php$ /community/leadership [NC,R=301,L]

We can have as many rules like that as we want. It's not the fastest way to redirect but it's faster than making Drupal do it internally.

Redirect multiple domain names to single canonical domain for your site

This Apache rule describes how to have all selected domains and subdomains for a site come up in the site visitor's browser address bar as your one chosen canonical domain.

Here is an all-in-one-line approach:

Disallow browsing of a web directory's files

All by itself in a .htaccess file in the directory of interest (and it covers subdirectories) this will do it, for an Apache webserver:

Options -Indexes

Rewrite rules really picky about a blank space in the bracket portion

Fun web fact for the day!

One little itty bitty space in the bracket part of the rewrite rule:

RewriteRule ^product/raptors/assimilate$ /product/raptors/assimilate/features [NC, R=301,L]

(instead of:
RewriteRule ^product/raptors/assimilate$ /product/raptors/assimilate/features [NC,R=301,L]

causes the entire web site to be replaced with:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

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