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Access denied on Display Fields settings page for Full view mode


Point of everything below: Getting access denied on Display settings pages can be caused by not having a view mode set to custom display settings in a robust enough manner.

Put this code in a test.php file and run it, you can see your lovely giant variable and it can fix you up fine for developing (get access to the settings page again).

Infinite redirect loop trying to go to anything but the front page

Help. I've spent the last several - five - hours just trying to get my dev environment working. In Drupal 6 (which i have to do something on to bail Dan out, who is incapacitated with pain) it always goes to the front page. Which makes working on a site difficult. Drupal 7 works. Any thoughts?

oh goddamn bloody hell shoot me in the face

it was using the .htaccess from agaric rather than a clean d6

not that just committing a .htaccess would seem to be an out of the question for this project, which would have saved me all that pain

Password accepted, redirected to user page, but access denied-- login succeeds but fails by the time of redirect

login seems successuful but drupal site redirecting to user page access denied error

it was due to having cookie domain set (albeit apparently correctly) in my local settings.php

commenting it out, and i could log in.

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