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Calendar, To Do tasks, and contact management Free Software

For contacts (address book), the current plan is still to find people to port Sbook to Linux to do at least as much as it currently does on Mac OS X.

Thunderbird/Sunbird are the fallback of choice for calendar (i've already uninstalled Evolution, it's that bad), but i don't know how to sync them except by actually entering all data in Google Calendar which is an ugh (but what i currently do).

And trying out Getting Things Gnome

Getting Started with Getting Things Done

Obtain People Who Give a Damn 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

* Revise application.

* Print application.

* Find/look up application form and address.

* Mail to lawyer.

[This is a very old note, but it's proof that GTD works.  I never completed the beginning of the system (deal with all your present junk) and certainly never looked at this note again-- but it worked, PWGD has 501c3!]

Music Web Sites and Disciplined Anti-authoritanism

The Agaric Design Collective has several music artists asking us to do web sites for them, so we did our due dilligence and surfed the web for fun and profit.

What we came up with is musician and web designer Scott Andrew's simple but to the point site and his wide ranging essay on how to promote your own music, ""

He recommended networking on and MySpace

Project Management in Drupal

Agaric wants awesome project managing tools of, by, and for Drupal, ideally incorporating Getting Things Done principles.

[Old notes]

Project Management Module - a huge, long, immortal thread documenting many people's search for one:

The one Drupal uses -- tied to CVS?

Getting Things Done Thoughts and Drupal Module

One recurring thought is how all of this getting-your-life-in-order stuff is just as important, useful, and applicable to a single mother of two as it is to a CEO, or to me.

I keep thinking how glad I am I got this book, even though I haven't done a single thing in it yet.  It's a broader truth: sometimes simply reading someone you agree with can be affirming and useful in a way, and comforting, especially when you're confident you will soon be acting on the principles, advice, or ideas that are so concordant with your own.

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