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An interesting RFP for a Network of Networks:

The primary goal for the new is to be simple and flexible. We are an organization that is always changing, and we expect our web site to be able to evolve along with us as we expand, experiment, and learn together. In our request for proposals we outline a number of specific approaches that we think will help us accomplish our mission effectively, but no single feature is as important as the need to keep the site easy to manage and simple to change in the future.

Agaric adaptations of the Civic Actions specifications worksheets

The original:

I really like the duration overhead estimate– the principal that if you are involved in the project, you are going to spend some unattributable overhead time simply being involved with the project.


Topics and Questions to Agaric from a Request for Proposal

From a Request for Proposal, some pretty good questions about our practices, policies, and offerings:


Along with your standard practice for responding to proposals, please
address the following topics and questions in your proposal.

Design Tools and Process

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