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Cell phone app to send alert and wipe addressbook for organizers captured by oppressive gov'ts

U.S. State Dept. funds cell phone app for democracy activists-- to send alert and wipe address book, for use before their phone is confiscated by police.

How much you want to bet the U.S. government asks this not be allowed on U.S. cell phones?

Fluid app gotcha: if setting the app to start at a specific page, must allow browsing to other of the site's pages

An internal login confirmation page for a site i wanted to use as an application in Fluid kept opening in a new tab in my default browser.

This seemed an extreme limitation so i started clicking through the preferences. Under Advanced Preferences i found "Allow browsing to URLs matching these patterns" and edited it to allow the entire site.

The problem had been that i made the application go to a specific page of the site as the starting page, and Fluid had used that to make its allowed pages rule.

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