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web application

The Web site model and the Web app model


Choose the Classic model if:

The product is mostly page/document based.
Accessibility for people with disabilities and SEO is non-negotiable.
Your project scope is large and the budget is limited.

Choose the App model if:

Fluid app gotcha: if setting the app to start at a specific page, must allow browsing to other of the site's pages

An internal login confirmation page for a site i wanted to use as an application in Fluid kept opening in a new tab in my default browser.

This seemed an extreme limitation so i started clicking through the preferences. Under Advanced Preferences i found "Allow browsing to URLs matching these patterns" and edited it to allow the entire site.

The problem had been that i made the application go to a specific page of the site as the starting page, and Fluid had used that to make its allowed pages rule.

Unuplugged: a Drupal offline synchronization module (idea)

Initial vision:


The Drupal synchronization module

The Drupal Synch module

  • knows that when it last synched you are at node 253, user 43, comment 422, etc...

Logs, configuration settings, installed modules etc. could - should - be one way, from the server to your offline Drupal.

offline to server and back

Drupal 6 dumps the sequences table: implications?

Drupal 6 has the database handle sequences. This may make it harder for Unplugged to do its thing.

Not really though.

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