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Questions for other Consulting Shops and Collectives and Freelancers

What kind of Drupal work do you most often do?

What kind of Drupal work do you most want to do?

Do you track your time?

If so, what tools do you use to track your time?

Do you track blatantly non-billable time such as reading Drupal Planet? If so, do you use the same system as for client/project work, and how do you categorize various non-work time?

Any conditions a client must meet for you to work with them?

What are your goals in life?

Do you see ways for your business to help you achieve these goals? If so, which ways?

Drupal Business Panel with Ron Huber, Jenn Sramek, Matt Cheney, and Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant of Gravitek
Matt Cheney of Chapter Three
Jenn Sramek of Civic Actions
moderated by Ron Huber of Achieve Internet

[shops i consider role models]
i don't have them listed or ranked

most people were in the last presentation

in my opinion most [Drupal shops] are about the same size, under 40.

Ch3 = 27

Civic Actions - 37-40

Chris Bryant
gravitek - 10

Hally Turner's The Business of Drupal: How to Get Started and Build Your Drupal Empire

Liza Kindred
Jeannie Finks
Jingsheng Wang, Great Brewers, Beercloud app

George Matthes, Digital Rhino

Pick one thing that you kick ass at. Stick to that one thing, own that one thing, be the best at that one good thing. Focus on what you're good at, and what you're not good at, outsource.

DigitalRhino: We are dev. We don't pretend to be design or anything else.

Delegation. Don't be afraid to give it up, let it go.

Project management is key.

Hiring rock stars.

Late payment policy

Work does not begin until first payment is received. Late payments incur a 1% fee every two months.

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