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Why are twig template comparisons such annoying strings?

A boolean field told in display settings to show as zero or one is actually rendered like this:

" 0 "
" 1 "

That is, a string of the number with a space on either side. Why?

That is from testing using {% set lightbox_class = content.field_lightbox|render %}

At least this works:

{% set lightbox_class = content.field_lightbox|render|trim == 1 ? ' lightbox' %}

So does:

{% set lightbox_class = content.field_lightbox|render|trim ? ' lightbox' %}

Translation for a Modern Web Application: Gettext

"The domain setting is which group inside of locale_data that the keys will be looked up in."

seems one can switch the domain application wide (so we would have Gyms, Skiing, Hotels as domains) but i'm not 100% sure about that. But it's not very recommended-- see

The Coding Designer's Survival Kit


"Start your project with sensible defaults that help you get straight to the good stuff."

When i came to Zivtech and found myself with a team of 12, now about to be 20, i had to find a way. First presentation on learning SASS got the response: "now you want me to learn this? this seems hard." and "Where do the files go."

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