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Drupal Design Camp Boston this weekend, Providence meet tonight, Redesign sprint Fri, and a general camp in the works

This weekend Design For Drupal Boston promises to be the biggest Drupal event to hit New England since the 2008 North America DrupalCon, with 27 sessions proposed and nearly 200 registered attendees, including a number of current – and no doubt more future – Drupal stars.

Drupal Meetup Etiquette

I've been working with drupal and have been a part of the community for a fews years now. Although I may not be the most active member around, I have attended a decent amount of drupal meetups all over Massachusetts and New York City. I've seen what works, and I've seen what doesn't, the reason for this post is to state my opinion on what the purpose and goal of a meetup should be, and how it should be conducted.

Use h1 for front page site name and strong for interior pages' site name display

For semantic correctness (your site's code saying what it means) and search engine optimization, your site's title should be in level one header (h1) tags on the front page and something else, such as strong tags, on all other (interior) pages.

Semantic functionality provider OpenCalais redoes their site in Drupal

I think every connection between Drupal and people (and the occasional knight) who are trying to finally get the semantic web built is a good thing.

So I was happy to see where the link went in this e-mail from Calais today:

Millions headed Drupal's way: Knight News Challenge awards announced

Live from the Interactive Media Conference in Las Vegas, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's News Challenge announcements looked a little like the Drupal show. It may not be millions of dollars, but millions more people are likely to be using new local, cutting edge community news Drupal sites within a couple years.

Among the winners:

Save the Nodes: preserving old d.o docs by flagging it as deprecated

On the last hours of the coding sprint following the amazing Drupal conference, I accosted Steven Peck and asked in person about (one of my many) pet issues: that documentation (or any non-spam node) not be deleted from Assorted drupallers wandering around MIT agreed with this in principal, but also agreed with Steven that old content referring to unsupported versions of Drupal would have to be very clearly flagged.

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