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Michele Metts

In search of values

Here's a collection of value statements at diverse companies, as Agaric considers defining some more public values ourselves.

Nava PBC has a comprehensive set of well-thought-out values, entitled Nava's Core Values:

Change the date of a node, using the database

Change the date of a node, using the database. XYZ represents the node ID (NID)

cd /vagrant
drush sql-cli
update node set changed = 1450958544 where nid = XYZ;
update node set changed = 1451563344 where nid = XYZ;

This example sets the time for 2 nodes, the first to 47 weeks ahead and the second update line sets the timestamp 50 weeks ahead of todays date, 1/28/2015

Getting started with Behat testing for Drupal

Behat is a tool to support behavior-driven development in PHP. Behavior-driven development, in turn, is a set of practices and tools to bring leadership, technical, and other participants in a software project to the same understanding of needed outcomes. The key to this is to describe what people should be able to do with the application in language that all participants understand. The role of tools like Behat is to enable these human-readable sentences to be run as machine-readable tests.

Shared, co-working, and community spaces that may work for DropLabs Boston

DropLabs, in Los Angeles, offers coworking in a learning- and working-conducive space. A key feature is people supportive of their fellow coworkers' technical growth.

Krash "is an immersive co-living experience for entrepreneurs, hackers and doers." BOS/CHI/LA/NYC/DC

Telephone and SMS content and services powered by VOIP Drupal: Factsheet

VOIP Drupal in the Wild

Project for global institution where people can call or SMS with feedback on projects.

Troubleshooting ssh connections problem

Micky found this which was key to debugging our connection problem— one way to watch what is happening with the SSH connection attempt is by opening a port just for this use on the server:

sudo /usr/sbin/sshd -d -p 2222

Then from the client:

ssh -vv -p 2222


Setting up a new GNU/Linux computer (Debian/Ubuntu flavor) for Drupal work, Agaric style

Create an SSH key


Send a copy of the public key to an agaric with access to the test server to add it there. Read more about setting up public keys and agent forwarding.

Get Drush

Follow composer instructions on (preferred over apt-get or PEAR.)

Interplay between Drupal and human progress

Prominent Drupalistas reflect on our community's social conscience:

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Zivtech

Kristof Van Tomme, Pronovix

Drupal is unique in that it is both a tool for social activism and a
skill that enables people, regardless of their background to build up
a decent living in an awesome community.

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