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Interplay between Drupal and human progress

Prominent Drupalistas reflect on our community's social conscience:

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Zivtech

Kristof Van Tomme, Pronovix

Drupal is unique in that it is both a tool for social activism and a
skill that enables people, regardless of their background to build up
a decent living in an awesome community.

Rewriting the Software of Cities to bring life to abandoned areas

This is absolutely great-- except that the useless people who own everything can (and will) parasitically extract as much of the value created as they possibly can, as money, and price both the creatives and the people who have lived in the city and made it all this time, out, after the success of revitalizing the city. Not cool.

Staying Free: Contributing to Drupal and the World by Building Our Collaboration Infrastructure

Talk Description: *
[The talk will cover the concepts of the below, but shorter and better and more specific where it matters and the presenter will be better looking than and more articulate than i am in reality, too.]

Our software is free.

We are free.

Both are in part because we are craftspeople who can be compensated quite well. We have remarkable control over our work, and we have time to put into building Free Software and the community around it.

This fortune and freedom is historically crushed out of every trade.

On DrupalCon scholarships: We can do better

Wrote this on the post announcing the merit-based DrupalCon Chicago scholarship winners:

With 4,000 attendees

We can do scholarships for 100 people. We can certainly do better than twenty-one.

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