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Send commit message to IRC

There is sadly no default way to do this directly from— but there's a pretty simple way, with Bishop:

Install Heroku locally. These instructions from worked great for me:

Adding Git projects to the KGB bot

Stefan set up the kgb-bot to post in the Agaric IRC channel when anyone pushes a commit to one of our repositories. These repositories are hosted on our server, and each one needs to have a very simple bit of configuration added to it and to the KGB server configuration when we add one.

Here's the easiest way for me to do that. For information about getting started with KGB in the first place, see

Place chat room tabs vertically in Konversation IRC client

Konversation is the best of the IRC clients i could find for Ubuntu, as in, it is the least annoying. But if you have as many IRC chat room tabs open as i usually have, the default configuration of having them across the bottom makes the name of each tab impossible to read very quickly.

Fortunately, this is configurable.

Settings > Configure Konversation

Interface, Tabs, and under Look, Placement: Left

Re-starting the Ruby bot

Stefan graced the Agaric chat room with a Ruby bot that reports when commits are made. Sometimes it stops working (tries to rejoin the chat room, dies immediately) and it can be fixed by ending the Ruby process and starting it again.

sudo su
su stefan
top  # identify the ruby process or processes (PID), for this say it is 12345
kill -9 12345
rbot & disown

RDFa for telephone, IRC links that open, and other spiffiness for Agaric's client support page

RDFa-ing up our support page.

recommends FOAF for most contact stuff, and there is a FOAF:Organization for companies and weird hybrid collective

The tel URI for Telephone Numbers

IRC: Identify oneself to nickserv automatically

Messages not seen by a user who was +r -ed against spammers.

It was explained to me: If you set up your client properly then yes it identifies you. The best and easiest is to use your nickserv password as server password. It works well and every irc client supports that.

I had simply been missing the password in my server registration for

In LimeChat's case (a Mac OS X IRC client) it had a password field for the username, as well as the server, so i'm trying that first.

How to become a channel operator


How to become (or make someone else) a channel operator, for a channel you have registered: use the form "/msg chanserv op #chatroom nickname", for instance:

/msg chanserv op #agaric ben-agaric

This will op people in channels where you have this permission, which would seem to include unofficial channels.

For registered channels you have to be the one who registered (or maybe other things), and you need to be a registered user yourself.

How to restart Drupal bot (and wish to automatically restart)

The first start

cd /home/members/agariclabs/sites/
php bot_start.php --root /home/members/agariclabs/sites/ --url

Older discussion about restarting below (uses test server paths)

To restart your friendly neighborhood drupal bot when it no longer responds to commands, first kill the zombie bot for real.

When you kill it, the bot disappears from the channels so you don't have to kick it out, and the re-started bot will be able to claim its proper name.

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