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Agaric wants Drupal to upload files with any or no extension and stop being a pain about it

Agaric is not alone: Allow any files to be uploaded or make "Permitted upload file extensions" a required field

The workaround of adding the file name to the "extension" list didn't work for us though for a file called "Capfile" (with no extension, of course).

Adding a .txt extension to the file for now. But may I say: annoying!


Installing Gedit on Mac OS X: Fail

now i'm engaged in my annual search for a good tabbed text editor
actually i just gave up

I'm somewhat pleased with gedit

benjamin melançon:
another reason to switch to linux


yeah if you think about it, programmers need to build these things, and programmers use Linux

benjamin melançon:
... or just use darwinports for now

Notes on the Taxonomy Code Sprint to turn into a Drupal planet post soon enough

the better taxonomy is under the hood, the better it will be for crazy community-empowering stuff like that


Weird error from SVN on use of site deployment script

ben@server:~$ sudo /srv/scripts/ 6 testing

svn: MKCOL of '/srv/svn/agaric/!svn/wrk/63dfc22d-3df4-47e9-8306-5e7dbcfefd62/agaric-sites/testing/apache': 405 Method Not Allowed (


Agaric wants smarter timing for when automatic path creation should replace an existing path or be added in addition to

The idea is that if a post is edited right away, say within five minutes, and the title is changed, the new human and SEO-friendly path might best replace the old path.

Especially if a title is changed before the post is marked published, the first-created automatic text path should be replaced.

This new module or enhancement to pathauto could let you set which roles have these decisions automatically applied, and which roles the user gets asked for their input.

Replacing Windows with Ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC

Installing Ubuntu Hardy Heron on a new HP Pavilion dv6910us

[UPDATE: Wifi issues fixed finally with upgrade to Intrepid Ibix]

could not resolve

At least one other person temporarily got that error back in 2007:

Agaric wants Eclipse to flag the entire file prominently, not just a line, when it has a parse error

Agaric wants a plugin or something for eclipse that will make it very clear around the document that a fatal parse error has been identified somewhere in it— not just a mark on the side of the line with the problem. Too easy to miss.


Site name with site e-mail (in return address of e-mails sent from the site)

[To Dan] What you were talking about yesterday was covered in one of my old issues tracked on which happened to pop up today:

short version: it would be nice to have e-mail sent with a name not just an e-mail address, and we could probably provide a module/patch to do so... three to five hours tops, and that's assuming some trouble figuring out where to put it.


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