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Agaric wants smarter timing for when automatic path creation should replace an existing path or be added in addition to

The idea is that if a post is edited right away, say within five minutes, and the title is changed, the new human and SEO-friendly path might best replace the old path.

Especially if a title is changed before the post is marked published, the first-created automatic text path should be replaced.

This new module or enhancement to pathauto could let you set which roles have these decisions automatically applied, and which roles the user gets asked for their input.

Stopping pathauto from attempting to use special characters that end up encoding uglily

When a pattern includes certain characters (such as those with accents) should Pathauto attempt to transliterate them into the ASCII-96 alphabet? Transliteration is determined by the i18n-ascii.txt file in the Pathauto directory. This option is disabled on your site because you do not have an i18n-ascii.txt file in the Pathauto directory.


cp i18n-ascii.example.txt i18n-ascii.txt

Just to give the option. we don't have to use it.

This has to be repeated every time we update the pathauto module.

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