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Smart Phone: The Smart Choice [will be] Open Source

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Network question.

I know more about computers than cell phones. Can anyone tell me or point me to a resource about what purchase options for network access are. For instance can you get the same AT&T plan for $30 unlimited data (and totalling around $85 overall) for the Neo as you can for the iPhone? Are there more options?

Basically, the hardware is great, the software will only get better, so the question is about what it connects to...


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Google's Android phone is

Google's Android phone is open source and will be out later in the fall... T-mobile's going to be the carrier, def looks like the one to hold out for..

Some things to think about for early adopters of the Openmoko Neo, and there are many, notably, why must you buy extra hardware in order to access the software guts of your phone? usb cords are not enough? and most importantly, the thing is GPRS enabled only, no 3G capability, that'll probably be in version 2

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