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Taking Donations With Ubercart and PayPal Express

First, install ubercart. With Drush:

sudo php drush/drush.php pm -l install ubercart

Enable all Ubercart core required modules (in alpha 9 there is a bug which only allows you to check three of the required dcore Ubercart modules, but then Drupal will give you the option to enable the fourth).

Second, enable certain Ubercart - core (optional) modules:

Agaric Question of the Day: Why Does Sticky Need a Descending Sort in Views?

If things are ordered first by what's listed first in sort order, why should Views care whether Sticky is ascending or descending?

And if it does care, why can't it have a sensible default?

Yes, I looked silly in front of a client because I didn't read the not-so-fine print:

Node: Sticky

Sort by whether or not the node is sticky. Choose descending to put sticky nodes at the top.

Power To Ubuntu: My Kingdom for Yet Another Printer Driver

Posted to the Linux Foundation's Open Printing forums:

A driver for her Lexmark X83 printer is the only thing stopping me from converting my mother's computer to Ubuntu.

I will put $50 toward creating a driver, if anyone is willing to try. Even though that may be more than the value of the X83, I want to help start the practice and network for end users to fund open source free software development up front. (See link to long post about this below).


Agaric wants automatic installation of dependent modules

Posted to the 2008 predictions thread:

Many useful modules available for Drupal 5 will either be forced to merge together, or forked/merged substitutes will appear as people become tired of dang diddly modularinos (sorry Ned Flanders).

I don't think that will happen, and if it does I think it will be a bad thing.

I do think people will see the importance of letting newbieuser (or expertuser for that matter) pick module W and have X, Y, and Z installed automatically.

Debugging a sudden clogging of Apache- unable to connect to database

Triggers? Related? Anything?

Type php
Date Wednesday, January 2, 2008 - 17:58
User Visitor
Message array_map() [function.array-map]: Argument #2 should be an array în /var/www/d53/modules/contributed/views-5.x-1.6/views/modules/ la linia 493.
Severity error

Making more participatory

Ben, you mentioned at the meeting that making the site more participatory might be a good idea. Just wanted to say I fully support that, would love to allow people to rate content, submit headlines (with high rated going to the front page), and submiiting blogs and articles too. Our managing editor has agreed to moderate this.

List taxonomy terms that belong to nodes that belong to another taxonomy term

The SQL for this is a little tricky. I know I wrote down what needed to be done for Christophe to tackle but I can't find it now.

In short:

Select all nodes that belong to the taxonomy term being passed into the Place page.

node -- in drupal 6 node_revision -- but in any case it comes from the taxonomy table.

Select all taxonomy terms that are in a given vocabulary that belong to those nodes.

This requires also a look at {term_data} which stores vocab information (as vid).

Access a server via another server

Oh, it's that easy...

Hello Marco,

Could you give your procedure for proxying through another server? Once we have it hooked up with our server we should be able to do that.


in this way.

1) (necessary if server restricts by IP adddress) send ip of server1 to server staff

2) from your machine's shell to server 1
ssh ben@server1

3) from server1's shell to destination server

Record process of checking out code of a Drupal site so it can be played back

Agaric wants a way to say to our servers, keep track of every svn checkout done here, so we can do it again in an instant for test sites etc.


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