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Using Drush (experimental release) to add modules from outside a site

sudo ~/drush.experimental.6/drush.php -r /var/www/drupal-6-agaric-core/drupal pm install link

On sharing the command with an esteemed Agaric colleague, I realized that the instructions had to be tweaked slightly... for another person, even if run

Drush feature request: install a module (or theme) into an arbitrarily specified directory

The ability to use the Drush Package Manager (drush pm) to install a module in an arbitrarily specified directory doesn't presently exist.

Unable to use Drush in local XAMPP on Mac OS X environment

Unable to use Drush on localhost site for unknown reasons.

There really is a running site at http://localhost/scf but through the command line it must be seeing something else– it's giving back to me the HTML for a Drupal site offline, database connection error page.

./sites/all/modules/drush/drush.php -r /sites/scf/ -l http://localhost/scf/ pm install taxonomy_enhancer

I don't get clearer than that...


Using Drush to install or update to a particular tagged release of a module

Drush love continues. First, we use Drush's command line help to answer our every question. It follows the format drush help command.

ben@server:/sites/ignitecleanenergy/www/sites/all/modules$ drush/drush.php help pm install

Usage: drush [options] pm install ...
is the short name of a project hosted on,
or the short name and the version number (Drupal major version is optional).
e.g. project, project-5.x-1.0, project-1.0, project-1.x-dev, project-1.1-rc1
So far, only modules are supported.

Agaric wants automatic installation of dependent modules

Posted to the 2008 predictions thread:

Many useful modules available for Drupal 5 will either be forced to merge together, or forked/merged substitutes will appear as people become tired of dang diddly modularinos (sorry Ned Flanders).

I don't think that will happen, and if it does I think it will be a bad thing.

I do think people will see the importance of letting newbieuser (or expertuser for that matter) pick module W and have X, Y, and Z installed automatically.

Drush subversion integration: svn add and svn commit following pm install

Posted to Drush issue queue:

Here's Agaric's workflow (ignore the lack of a link to Drush's path, we have too many Drupal installations to make that practical at the moment):

cd /var/www/drupal-5_3-live/sites/all/modules/
sudo php drush/drush.php -l pm install fasttoggle
sudo svn add fasttoggle
sudo svn commit -m "Installed fasttoggle via Drush"

Drush stopped installing modules. Needed -l link to site.

0 stedile:/var/www/d53/sites/all/modules# php drush/drush.php -l pm install taxonomy_redirect


Attempting to use Drush for recently released modules does not work

Just so y'all know.

Update Status module must take a while to get its info.

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