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Bringing SVN to a particular revision; useful with DBScripts

Checkout into a new directory:

svn checkout -r 1310 newlocalfolder
# Checks out a new working copy at r1310

Or update a working copy to a given revision number:

cd local-folder-for-repo
svn update -r 1310
# Updates an existing working copy to r1310

(Note: You cannot make changes and commit from an old checkout like these.)

Upgrade Subversion on Mac OS X using MacPorts

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is the best or cleanest way to replace the svn used by Mac OS X, but it's what worked.

(I did not use this way, "Upgrade subversion client on mac osx," )

Instead, I used MacPorts:

Change the SVN branch your repository checkout is using

As shown here

it is simply the svn switch statement with the path to the respository (which in our case was at svn://

svn switch


Confirming a merge as non-destructive

It worked this time, anyway. Reviewed the diff (for two different revisions? brain/memory not working), and then when it appeared none of the changes conflicted, ran the subversion update.

-bash-3.00$ svn diff sites/default/modules/change_agents/user_profiles/user_profiles.module

Index: sites/default/modules/change_agents/user_profiles/user_profiles.module

How to add users to or edit user passwords for a Subversion repository

add new users to an svn repository:

sudo vi svnrepo/conf/passwd


Adding a new version of Drupal core to Agaric's Piston-enabled deployment system

cd /RCS/agaric/drupal-core/
cvs -z6 co -r DRUPAL-6-3 -d drupal-6 drupal
sudo svn add drupal-6
sudo svn commit -m "Drupal 6"

drupal-6 and DRUPAL-6-3 need to be replaced with the major release and point release that you are dealing with (though with luck we'll have moved from CVS soon and this will all be moot).

Using Subversion's "include" functionality– the svn:externals property


In this case we're using svn externals to have a module in two places in a repository, but of course it works just as well for a truly external repository.

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