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Deploying with DBScripts

Make sure you are on your master branch:
cd /path/to/project/root
git checkout master

Update your own version. Try to do it at a time when no one else will be committing. (You can check that you don't have any committed but not pushed changes with gitk &.)

[This script combines the commands git-svn fetch and git-svn rebase for convenience.]

Bringing SVN to a particular revision; useful with DBScripts

Checkout into a new directory:

svn checkout -r 1310 newlocalfolder
# Checks out a new working copy at r1310

Or update a working copy to a given revision number:

cd local-folder-for-repo
svn update -r 1310
# Updates an existing working copy to r1310

(Note: You cannot make changes and commit from an old checkout like these.)

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