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Moshe Weitzman

Page Rendering in Drupal 7 presentation, Moshe Weitzman, transcript

Page Rendering in Drupal 7, presentation by Moshe Weitzman at DrupalCon Paris 2009. Transcript.

Changes you can make with this rendering system that was hard with D6 but trivial in D7.

Browsing the Drupal database

Moshe on browsing the database at the Boston

He uses the Mac program SequelPro (completely free and open source).


Find $db_url in settings.php

username, password, host, and database name.

Can put this data into Sequel Pro.

Bottom line: as long as you have a backup, do not be afraid to fiddle with your database!

The Making of Drupal 7: historical overview

2005 July 18 -

2008 February 4 - Dries creates Drupal 6 branch in repository, posts wishlist, opens up D7 development -

2008 February 12 - first patches? for Drupal 7 specifically, by catch and webchick, committed by dries

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