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Dates of joining for first registered users

There is no accurate registration date information for the first couple years, the first couple thousand users, of's history. There is even a discrepancy between the posted "Member for" dates and the apparent launch of the site.

Between users and the date of registration (time on site, or "Member for") jumps by two years and two weeks.

The Making of Drupal 7: historical overview

2005 July 18 -

2008 February 4 - Dries creates Drupal 6 branch in repository, posts wishlist, opens up D7 development -

2008 February 12 - first patches? for Drupal 7 specifically, by catch and webchick, committed by dries

Much smarter command line history up/down behavior - with search

You may know about ctrl+shift+R for reverse case-insensitive search (or whatever it stands for) and that is still useful if you remember one very unique keyword from the middle of a command.

See your git commit history with files modified

Git log shows you all your commit messages and the revision hash, but often git log would be more useful showing files changed. (You should still try to write commit messages as if the reader will have no context except, at best, the project itself.)

git log --name-only -5

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