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Automatically deletion of files to commit as well as new and modified files

git add -u

picks up the deleted files, and stages their deletion to be committed.

Also gets modified files. Still needs git add . to pick up the new files.

See what's about to be committed when using git, and remove something before committing

git diff of files that have been staged ie 'git add'ed
git diff --cached

$ git commit ...
$ git reset --soft HEAD^ (1)
$ edit (2)

And just commit again.

Be sure to re-add files to stage to commit in Git if you modify them after adding but before committing

Learned something new about git!

If you git add filename and then make some changes to that file before running git commit -m "Helpful commit message." those changes that you saved and tested are not part of that commit. You have to run git add again-- git add adds the exact version of the file at that time, not simply adding the file as a concept to staging.

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