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See your git commit history with files modified

Git log shows you all your commit messages and the revision hash, but often git log would be more useful showing files changed. (You should still try to write commit messages as if the reader will have no context except, at best, the project itself.)

git log --name-only -5

will do that, adding the paths and names of changed files (the -5 limits the output to the most recent five commits, but as git starts at the top and lets you page through seeing more of the result set, this option can safely be skipped, even as you add more output to each entry in the commit log history.

git log --stat

will present you basically the same results as git log, but will include the names and paths of the files that were modified, plus the number of lines affected in each.

See for more BUT the documentation seems a bit confused right now, and suggests options that do not work in git version (such as --patience and --format). [Update: perhaps it is only --patience (maybe that will work if we wait) because format's synonym, --pretty, does work. Just doesn't do anything very useful.]

git log --name-status - gives you the log including which files changed
git log -p gives the log with every line of code or text that changed

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