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Adding an application available to Debian Wheezy to Mint (LMDE)

I very much like having an autocomplete application launcher (one button to launch the launcher, and type a letter or three to select the program you want, and enter to launch it), and Synapse is the best i've used.

With no other recommendations forthcoming from Mint Debian Edition's official package list, and with Synapse clearly stable for Debian, the need seemed clear: add Debian's packages to LMDE in a way that wouldn't cause unintended updates to Debian, rather than LMDE-released, versions of packages which they share.

Git remote branches are different on my local compared to server

The local checkout on my computer and the one on the dev server are looking at the same Git repository, but the results of git branch -a (show all remote branches) is very different.

Reason: git pull origin master does not get all the branch and tag information the way git fetch does!


git fetch origin

Now git branch -a and git checkout branchicareabout both work.

If you see every git log entry twice

If you have an unexpectedly long merge time and you see every commit in your git log showing up two times, you or someone else probably changed the history of the repository (such as to remove a big binary file). This changes the commit hash of every commit there is, so when merging these two (actually separate but just happen to have the same code) repositories you'll see them all twice in the history.

Downloading zipped tarballs of code from Gitorious

The place to download code for projects on Gitorious (as code, not as a clone of the repository) has proven difficult to find for several people, including myself.

For a project without tags and branches that you just want to download HEAD, the path looks like:

To find it, go to your project page and click for either the commit log or the source code tree of a repository, and it will add this link on the side for "Download master as tar.gz"

Completely undo commits and history that should never have been

This fix is being done from a remote repository, because stuff was pushed there that shouldn't have been. However, this repository is only supposed to be cloned and not pushed to (one way one time), so we can destructively set it back to the way it should be.

cd /srv/git/agaric/siteproj.git
git reset add42b74103a4c756d7d55c4abf3d5b0ff914b0c

where that is the last good commit.

And that's it.

File this under do not do this at home.

Pushing our local repository to Gitorious

git checkout master
git remote add origin
git push origin master

This was for a module named "remarkup" as covered in

Agaric Quick Tip: if git status works yet 'not a repository', you're in a symlink

If git status works and git anything else doesn't, you are probably in a symlink.

ls -la doesn't show a .git directory, but git status gives results, but git pull says it's not a git repository?

cd up another directory or two (one at a time) and ls -la to see.

Link to a changeset in Trac

trac changeset link wiki syntax
trac changeset link display title

Trac print title of git changeset


gives you the title as a tooltip on hover.

More ways of doing this (where the title automatically becomes the anchor text, for example) does not seem to be an option. Have to live with the tooltip and any self-titling we want to pull off, i guess.

Fixing Trac Warning: Can't synchronize with the repository (No changeset X in the repository).

When you get the trac error Can't synchronize with the repository with the specific reason that it does not have a specific changeset in the repository, en error such as below, the fix may be an easy command.

Warning: Can't synchronize with the repository (No changeset 44ac558946c26785987f0e500d23137d36bc537e in the repository). Look in the Trac log for more information.

(The ridiculously long changeset number is a hash, which is how Git makes distributed version control possible.)

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