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Harmless Git weirdness: git rm -r does not delete physical files, but doesn't list them as untracked either

Somehow, in git 1.6, after running git rm -r example to get rid of a directory (called example), it leaves the files there but from then on ignores them. git status lists nothing, ls shows the directory example is still there, and then rm -rf example removes the directory and git status still shows nothing.

Drupal Meetup NH (Manchester) 2010 March 11 notes: Version Control

Church Site in Version Control

See notes on this and everything over at

Version Control

Presented by Dan

Actual slides:

He loves Mercurial and Drush.

Get a Git diff of the previous commit

Getting a diff (patch-file style display of changes) from a your most recent commit is useful when you commit and it lists three lines changing in a file instead of one. Of course, you should have run git diff --cached before git commit -m "I know what I'm doing.", but when you haven't, or have another reason to take one step back in the history of your work, here is the command that saves looking up the git commit hash.

git diff HEAD^ HEAD

Link to a changeset in Trac

trac changeset link wiki syntax
trac changeset link display title

Trac print title of git changeset


gives you the title as a tooltip on hover.

More ways of doing this (where the title automatically becomes the anchor text, for example) does not seem to be an option. Have to live with the tooltip and any self-titling we want to pull off, i guess.

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