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Set your name in

git config --global "My Name"
git config --global ""

How to clone a project from Github to work on it

This works for other people's repositories also, where you have been given access and when you have your public key.

For instance:

git clone

Link to a changeset in Trac

trac changeset link wiki syntax
trac changeset link display title

Trac print title of git changeset


gives you the title as a tooltip on hover.

More ways of doing this (where the title automatically becomes the anchor text, for example) does not seem to be an option. Have to live with the tooltip and any self-titling we want to pull off, i guess.

Get a past version of your project with Git

git checkout old version
git get old copy
git branch checkout revision

basic git commands


Tell Git about you

In order to have commits properly tagged you need to provide Git with your name and email address:

$ git config --global "Jean R. Hacker"
$ git config --global

This ends up in your home directory's .gitconfig.

Use Git to commit to CVS, such as for maintaining a Drupal module


Kathleen says this is complicated and not necessary -

HOWEVER-- if you ever want to let other people contribute to your project the normal way (if CVS can be considered in any way normal), then you will want the synch anyway.

Include another file in your Vim configuration file

To store your Vim settings in a different file (Agaric does this so that we can put all our "custom home" configuration type files easily in version control together) use the source command.

In .vimrc to include other file:

source /path/to/file/morvimconfig

In ben-agaric's case, the entire .vimrc file is only:

source /home/ben/customhome/.vimrc-agaric

Checking the difference between a file modified locally and the repository with git

[done this before, never made a note of it]

git see difference between current and repository file

git diff

It's really that easy.

Additions in your local working copy are represented by + signs, subtractions by your local working copy are each preceded by a - sign.

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