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Cloning git locally to test a Drupal module in development on multiple sites

Working on a site ( which is in its own big Git repository. But when working on a module that's custom to the site but probably will become generalized and contributed back, we simply git init in that module's directory to make it a repository too. No git submodules or other voodoo. In addition to getting us an independent commit history for that module, it gives us the ability to throw that module into other situations and work on it there.

How to clone a project from Github to work on it

This works for other people's repositories also, where you have been given access and when you have your public key.

For instance:

git clone

Putting a local project maintained in git on a server as a central repository

Note: The agaric git repository is not public, but this approach will work on your own server.

Stefan explained: copy your folders to your home dir on the server, cd to /srv/git and then run git clone --bare folder folder.git

cd ~
scp -r customhome

On the server:

ben@server:/srv/git/agaric$ git clone --bare ~/customhome customhome.git

Initialized empty Git repository in /srv/git/agaric/customhome.git/

And don't forget!

Helper script for deploying Drupal sites in Agaric's system

To get an agaric project repository, without the helper script, it's simply: git clone

And get the current version of the script at

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