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Include a file nested within a module directory wit Drupal 7's module_load_include

The documentation for module_load_include doesn't mention it, but if a file is in a subdirectory in its module folder, or even nested several levels deeper, this module-relative path should be included with the file name in the third parameter.

bash "No such file or directory" error even though .bashrc has proper include path

bash "No such file or directory"

Every time I opened Terminal:

bash: /home/ben/.bashrc-agaric: No such file or directory

But my ~/.bashrc was clear of calling that file.

And source .bashrc produced no errors. So where was it still calling the old file path?


sudo vi /etc/bash.bashrc

(On Ubuntu. The global bash file may be in other places also.)

Include another file in your Vim configuration file

To store your Vim settings in a different file (Agaric does this so that we can put all our "custom home" configuration type files easily in version control together) use the source command.

In .vimrc to include other file:

source /path/to/file/morvimconfig

In ben-agaric's case, the entire .vimrc file is only:

source /home/ben/customhome/.vimrc-agaric

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