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Agaric's Trac workflow

This is in etc/trac/trac.ini. Note that each project can override in its own trac.inin (which for Agaric's system is in /srv/trac/PROJECTNAME/conf/trac.ini).

[Agaric-specific] Set up a Trac issue queue for a project

Visitors, please note that while Agaric-specific documentation may be informative to you, it is meant primarily for Agaric's internal use and is highly unlikely to work step-by-step without fulfilling an awful lot of dependencies first.

After setting up the project per Deploying the Agaric way, we can use our trac setup vlad task to do most of the work.

From within the project:

rake test vlad:setup_trac

Link to a changeset in Trac

trac changeset link wiki syntax
trac changeset link display title

Trac print title of git changeset


gives you the title as a tooltip on hover.

More ways of doing this (where the title automatically becomes the anchor text, for example) does not seem to be an option. Have to live with the tooltip and any self-titling we want to pull off, i guess.

Having trac header logo link to the project's trac home even when it is in a subdirectory

Getting trac to use the proper path for the link to home in its logo or sitename position.

sudo vi /srv/trac/projectname/conf/trac.ini

link = /projectname

And you're done!

To automate this, we have to figure out how are project specific settings set in trac on initialization.

So I ask Stefan.

Do you happen to know how project-specific settings are inserted into the trac.ini? I can't find it.
Any new project is set up already with:

Fixing Trac Warning: Can't synchronize with the repository (No changeset X in the repository).

When you get the trac error Can't synchronize with the repository with the specific reason that it does not have a specific changeset in the repository, en error such as below, the fix may be an easy command.

Warning: Can't synchronize with the repository (No changeset 44ac558946c26785987f0e500d23137d36bc537e in the repository). Look in the Trac log for more information.

(The ridiculously long changeset number is a hash, which is how Git makes distributed version control possible.)

Trac plugins

Kathleen Murtagh's giant list...

Project Management Tools:

Increase File Attachment Size Limit in Trac

sudo vi /etc/trac/trac.ini

Updated the attachment max size line to this:

max_size = 5242880

This made it 5 MB (I just multiplied their number of bytes, which equaled 250Kb, by 20).


Trac administration with real examples

Run trac-admin commands on the server hosting the trac sites. In our Debian server setup at least, individual projects are in the /srv/trac/ directory, and every trac-admin command should be followed by the path to the project you care about.

For more information than man will give you, use:

trac-admin help

To make a user an admin (I believe this will automatically create a new user if it has to) --

trac-admin /srv/trac/example permission add username TRAC_ADMIN

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