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Having trac header logo link to the project's trac home even when it is in a subdirectory

Getting trac to use the proper path for the link to home in its logo or sitename position.

sudo vi /srv/trac/projectname/conf/trac.ini

link = /projectname

And you're done!

To automate this, we have to figure out how are project specific settings set in trac on initialization.

So I ask Stefan.

Do you happen to know how project-specific settings are inserted into the trac.ini? I can't find it.
Any new project is set up already with:

descr = Project Long Name
name = projectname
url =

If i can figure out where / how that gets set, i can add the header_logo code with the correct link the same way. This would fix the header linking not to the project list home but to the trac project home automatically.

Unless I am configuring the above project information manually in the trac administrative user interface and have simply lost my mind and forgotten I did. In which case maybe a command simply to write this and the header logo information into the project's trac.ini will work.