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Dates of joining for first registered users

There is no accurate registration date information for the first couple years, the first couple thousand users, of's history. There is even a discrepancy between the posted "Member for" dates and the apparent launch of the site.

Between users and the date of registration (time on site, or "Member for") jumps by two years and two weeks.

Trac administration with real examples

Run trac-admin commands on the server hosting the trac sites. In our Debian server setup at least, individual projects are in the /srv/trac/ directory, and every trac-admin command should be followed by the path to the project you care about.

For more information than man will give you, use:

trac-admin help

To make a user an admin (I believe this will automatically create a new user if it has to) --

trac-admin /srv/trac/example permission add username TRAC_ADMIN

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