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Where can hook implementations be placed so that they are called?

.module files or any file mentioned in the module's .info?

Excellent, excellent questions from Randy Fay:

23:30 rfay: Can anybody instruct me about where hook implementations can be placed in D7?
23:31 rfay: Can they be placed in any file listed in the info file's files[] ?

Maintaining a module on with CVS: committing changes

This is for a module where the current version's code is in HEAD and we aren't going to do any branching.

(agc is an agaric-specific helper script.)

agc entreztest NEW
cd drupal/
cd sites/all/modules/
mkdir entrez
cvs login
cvs co -d entrez contributions/modules/entrez
cd entrez/

Email management for domains hosted by Agaric

Using Agaric's MySQL-based Postfix e-mail configuration

These are the instructions sent to Dan Melançon for Mountaineer Grading.

In PHPMyAdmin on the live server:

Go to the emailserver database
Browse or go to the virtual_users table.

Check the number of entries in the table. So long as we don't delete any, the next record you create should use this number plus one as its ID. Specifically, you need to make your new record have an ID of one more than the last inserted ID (note that only 30 entries are shown on a page by default).

D7 Book Proposal

Holder for uploaded file.

Matthias Huterer

Matthias rocks.

Checking the difference between a file modified locally and the repository with git

[done this before, never made a note of it]

git see difference between current and repository file

git diff

It's really that easy.

Additions in your local working copy are represented by + signs, subtractions by your local working copy are each preceded by a - sign.

Content Here

"Founded by Seth Gottlieb, Content Here combines real world implementation experience with the breadth of an industry analyst."

"reports achieve a level of technical depth that is unrivaled by traditional analyst firms. They are written by developers, for developers with special attention paid to details that make or break an implementation."

tel: 857.488.4386
fax: 815.301.8646
P.O. Box 60062
Florence, MA 01062

Custom nameservers

using your own nameserver to point to another DNS control panel

1and1 does not do custom nameservers.

Enom does.

Dreamhost domain management also allows custom nameservers.

Most Drupal shops point their own DNS at their hosts:
Lullabot, Palantir, DevSeed uses

Acquia is using

(lost the links these came from)

Web Application Bug Analysis

I've gone through all our past bug reports with Bluto with the goal to find the impact automated testing with Selenium would have on bug reports and prevention. My raw data is attached, which you may peruse at your leisure. It's located in the attachments section at the bottom of this page.

Overview of Bug Reports

The break down of closed bug reports:

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