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Web Application Bug Analysis

I've gone through all our past bug reports with Bluto with the goal to find the impact automated testing with Selenium would have on bug reports and prevention. My raw data is attached, which you may peruse at your leisure. It's located in the attachments section at the bottom of this page.

Overview of Bug Reports

The break down of closed bug reports:

Web App Security


This page is the seed of Public Display's collective knowledge base about security. Here you will find the main classes of vulnerability we need to be aware of, with a brief description.

Coding Conventions

  • Use 2 space indents
  • NO tabs - anywhere
  • try not to leave trailing whitespace
  • prefer parentheses around method arguments - ESPECIALLY when the argument list has more than one argument.
  • Optimize your code for READABILITY first.
  • always put whitespace between successive elements of a list (e.g. argument list, array)

Version Control with Git

  • Commit locally very often - you can always rearrange it later.

Managing an SVN Repository

Although there is a SVN guide online, it'll probably be just easier to bring forward our more commonly infrequently used processes (and subsequently, easily forgotten). And while we're at it, discuss our conventions.

Tagging and Branching

Tags are not modified while branches can be modified as a working copy. The purpose of tags is to record a static snapshot of a point of code.

Release Procedure

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