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Google Web Versus Google AJAX API Search Results

Google search results via their API vary greatly versus the results from the web interface (as an anonymous, not-logged-in user). This has been reported by others, but here is a direct test performed by me. We are fortunate in this example that the first two results are the same (albeit in reverse order). However the next results bear no resemblance to each other whatsoever.

The default Web UI returns 10 results at a time (on a page).

The default AJAX API returns 4 results at a time, and so was repeated twice advancing by four for the second result set.

Aphorisms of API Design

by Larry Garfield (crell)

Application Programming Interface
code for which the intended user is ... more code.

aphorism: subjective truth or observation

not fixed rules. guidelines

Garfield's Law:
One is a special case of many.

The Problem with Salesforce: API access not available to all clients

Allow API Access for Professional Edition - Charge for Usage

There are many PE users like myself that only need API access and not the other features of Enterprise Edition. Most API services for other companies are free or are charged on a usage basis. During the last session of Dreamforce this idea was brought up and many people seemed interested.

on 'developerforce'

My comment:

What happened to hook_nodeapi in Drupal 7? The ultimate de-opping.

The nodeapi ops were turned into hook_node_[operation] functions, such as:

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