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[unsolved] putting a query string in a menu local task tab link item

any experience working with hook_menu, specifically for tabs
(menu_local_task items)
how would one pass a query from one of those links?
for instance, working with organic groups, on the group nodes, want tabs for adding new content inside the group
so the link needs to be something like
876 being whatever the current group context is

Awesome CSS for centering a list item menu of unknown width: very useful for Drupal

We do Drupal. This CSS will of course work for any HTML that outputs a surrounding container (probably div) and an unordered list with floats, but you can find lots of tutorials on that around the web. From Agaric you get the straight Drupal and nothing but the Drupal (ok, not really).

If you put a menu in your footer, you're not going to see the code it directly in your page template. Instead, the footer section of your zen subtheme page.tpl.php might look like this:

Agaric wants to automatically repeat top-level primary links as the first child of itself

drupal repeat top menu item in dropdown
repeat top menu items drupal
repeat Primary Links dropdown drupal
drupal duplicate main menu items

Request: "The titles can also be clicked and should be included in the dropdown menu." Understood now: Each top-level primary link will be repeated in the drop-down menu. This gets around the fact that many people will not realize they can click on the menu item itself as well as the dropdowns.

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