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Need to have one number go to one of several accounts based on availability


We at Agaric have what we thought would be a common need-- to have one support number / Skype account that our clients can call be picked up by whichever of our several members around the world (Germany, India, and the US so we cover the time zones pretty well!).

I cannot figure out how to configure this.

Toward an automatically deployable per-project ticket tracker and project management site

Automatic Benefits:

Your clients learn to use an environment similar to the site you are building for them, rather than the different markup syntax and behaviors of trac or other system.


  • URL fields for bug reports which would be able to replace (or generate) the base URL with a defined set of URLs for development, stage, or production sites in use.
  • Time tracking?


Agaric wants to automatically repeat top-level primary links as the first child of itself

drupal repeat top menu item in dropdown
repeat top menu items drupal
repeat Primary Links dropdown drupal
drupal duplicate main menu items

Request: "The titles can also be clicked and should be included in the dropdown menu." Understood now: Each top-level primary link will be repeated in the drop-down menu. This gets around the fact that many people will not realize they can click on the menu item itself as well as the dropdowns.

Show authors of all revisions on an article of content

Searched Words: drupal show authors of all node revisions multiple contributing users

Related how to for Drupal 5:
Adding 'Last edited by name some time ago' information

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