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Agaric wants to automatically repeat top-level primary links as the first child of itself

drupal repeat top menu item in dropdown
repeat top menu items drupal
repeat Primary Links dropdown drupal
drupal duplicate main menu items

Request: "The titles can also be clicked and should be included in the dropdown menu." Understood now: Each top-level primary link will be repeated in the drop-down menu. This gets around the fact that many people will not realize they can click on the menu item itself as well as the dropdowns.

This guy complained about exactly what i'm trying to achieve:
Dropdown menu duplicates my top-level menu item
but looking through the code for the Acquia Marina theme I cannot find an /option/ for the dropdown menus and certainly nothing to duplicate the first line only applies to links defined by hook_menu, and therefore has no effect on all the menu items configured by the administrator, which is all of primary links.

Alternate approach: jquery repeat element, jquery duplicate element

Agaric considers a better solution a properly architected site where these top-level links (that may only rarely be clicked because they have dropdowns) go to listing pages, not content pages.