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Awesome CSS for centering a list item menu of unknown width: very useful for Drupal

We do Drupal. This CSS will of course work for any HTML that outputs a surrounding container (probably div) and an unordered list with floats, but you can find lots of tutorials on that around the web. From Agaric you get the straight Drupal and nothing but the Drupal (ok, not really).

If you put a menu in your footer, you're not going to see the code it directly in your page template. Instead, the footer section of your zen subtheme page.tpl.php might look like this:

Add a subsection class to Drupal page body for theming Views and other parts of a site that can be defined by parts of the path

I had wanted to add the name of the view with its display to the body classes (Views apparently provides everything but that combination, and not all browsers we need to support deal with matching on two sibling classes). Looked in Zen for how to do it first though and as a consequence saw a way to add new sub-section body class with the first two parts of each URL.

This goes in your zen subtheme's implementation of preprocess page:

Prevent breaks on white space

While there is the venerable   (no-break space), there is a better way with CSS:

white-space: nowrap

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Similar for JavaScript:

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